Meet Kelley O’Shea

Her love and dedication for her hometown is apparent the moment you meet her.

Kelley O’Shea

Sales Associate


Kelley is a lifelong Bostonian. Her love and dedication for her hometown is apparent the moment you meet her. Kelley was born, raised and still resides in South Boston with her husband.

Kelley is a retired United States Postal Letter Carrier, working in almost every neighborhood of Boston.

While working full time and being the mother of three Kelley was also an elected Union Official representing 5,000 Letter Carriers and their families in contracts and negotiations.

She currently serves on numerous Neighbor Non-Profits and has served on many IAG (Impact Advisory Group) for Article 80/Large Developments in South Boston for over 20 years.

Six years ago, Kelley began working with lifelong homeowners and developers to create partnerships that have allowed residents to benefit from our changing city rather than fear that change.

Her incredible networking, knowledge of zoning and creative thinking has allowed homeowners who would like to remain in the city the opportunity to stay, while also allowing them to prosper from their sweat equity.
Those partnerships and projects have included single family homes three deckers, as well as small working-class studios and multi-million-dollar ocean front condominiums.
Kelley has also helped guide first time homebuyers, families looking to grow, as well as seniors and those looking to downsize find their slice of heaven in this town, we love so well.

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399 Boylston Street, Suite 200, Boston, MA 02116
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