The Complete Guide to Digital Marketing When Selling Your Boston Home

February 13, 2023
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Your home will be harder to sell without a detailed marketing plan. Marketing is crucial when you’re working to generate interest in your home’s availability. It will give you an opportunity to engage with potential buyers and attract their attention to your listing. Here are a few tips for how you can better market Boston homes for sale. Your real estate agent, one of the Ricardo Rodriguez & Associates team members, will have more advice to give you on how to best market your home, but these points will help you start thinking about what you can do to make sure your home stands out from the competition.

Put your home on real estate websites

As part of the Coldwell Banker brand, RR&A has access to reach buyers around the world in 40+ countries. Our expansive network allows us to syndicate your home through numerous online real estate websites such as Zillow,, Redfin, Trulia, and many more. As most people begin their search for a new home on real estate websites, you’ll definitely want to see your home published on sites like these.

Remember how certain factors limit who can see your home on these websites. Many buyers will filter their searches based on a maximum price. You don’t want to charge less for your home than what you think it’s worth, but you also may not want to price your home slightly above a round number that limits your reach in terms of who will see your listing. If your home could appraise for $700,000, you may want to price it at $699,000 or $695,000 so that you don’t lose buyers who are setting $700,000 as the maximum price for the listings that they see.

In order to have the best possible presence on these listings sites, there are a few things that you’ll want to do ahead of time. It is a standard practice that every RR&A agent will provide your listing with professional photography. The higher the quality of the images, the more likely they are to grab the attention of potential buyers. They also cause your listing to remain closer to the top of results when buyers shop for homes online.

Listing platforms recognize that the homes they show aren’t only a reflection of what’s available on the market. They also communicate something about the platform itself, and they want to show the best listings first so that home shoppers will think fondly of their website. You’ll give your home a better chance to stay relevant and stand out if you include bright, high-quality professional images with your listing. Our agents also take the time to craft a well-written and compelling home description that emphasizes your home’s best features.

Create a virtual tour

Some agents will create a virtual tour of their home to include with their listing online. We do this with a professional videographer to capture footage of your home. Some agents will also use 360-degree camera technology to create a fully interactive tour. This can help you create a more engaging online presence, but you want to be careful that you don’t show so much of your home that buyers don’t feel the need to come and see it in person.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is an incredible tool to utilize if you want to sell your home. It’s easy to communicate with potential buyers who comment on your listing. Friends and family can share your post on their own pages to help you spread the word about your home’s availability. Make sure you utilize the high-quality professional pictures taken with your social media posts so that people are more likely to stop scrolling through their news feeds and take a look at your home.

Run targeted ads online

Many platforms allow you to run targeted ad campaigns to reach a specific audience or demographic. Facebook and Google are two of the most notable options. Facebook allows you to set a specific budget for what you’ll spend on your advertisements, and you’ll never get charged more than the amount that you originally authorized. You can also target certain demographics based on age or geography to make sure you’re showing your listing to the group that’s most likely to have interest in your home. Facebook also stores user information after someone clicks on your ad, even if they don’t contact your agent or request more information. They want to be sure that they are showing the most relevant ads to each customer, and they automatically flag your ad as relevant once someone clicks on it one time.

Send emails

Email remains a popular form of online communication, and it can be a great way to generate interest in your home’s availability. Perhaps your realtor has a regular email list with which they share updates or new listings. Maybe you simply include your family, friends, and business contacts in an email where you share your home listing and ask them to pass it along to anyone interested. There are a number of ways that email can be an effective marketing tool.

Incorporate SEO best practices

Using SEO as a marketing strategy involves critically thinking about what words you can include with your listing that will optimize it for search engines. Do research about relevant keywords that buyers are searching for as they attempt to find home listings in your area. Incorporate these keywords into your listing, and you’ll increase the chances of being one of the first pages buyers see when they shop for Boston homes for sale.

Work with an experienced real estate agent

Ricardo Rodriguez & Associates
take marketing Boston homes for sale seriously. They are always looking for new and cutting-edge strategies to help the homes they sell stand out from the competition. They also grasp the importance of tried-and-true methods and use these tactics in tandem with their digital marketing campaigns. Reach out to Ricardo and his team when you’re looking for someone who can help you succeed in the market for Boston homes for sale. They would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you.

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