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Learn the tips and tricks for finding the best luxury homes in Boston

Finding luxury Boston, MA, real estate can be a challenge. You can’t always find homes available on the public market, and you may notice that the best homes often sell quickly. You also may not be entirely sure what separates luxury real estate from houses that are more common and easy to find. In this article, you’ll learn more about what sets luxury Boston, MA, homes for sale apart from the competition. You’ll also walk away with a better idea of how to secure the luxury home of your dreams once you learn that it’s available. 

What sets luxury homes apart from other properties? 

Some people falsely assume that a luxury home is a more expensive one. While it’s true that luxury homes usually rank in the top 5-10% of the market price-wise, this is not the only defining attribute that makes a house a luxury property. Luxury homes stand above the crowd because of their prime locations, their unique amenities, and their carefully chosen building materials. Make sure you choose a home that is truly a luxury property, not just one that is large or expensive. 

How can I find and choose the best luxury home? 

Finding a luxury home can be difficult. Many of the best luxury homes sell off the market to protect the seller’s privacy. Another term for these types of listings is “pocket listings.” To give yourself a better chance of finding a luxury home that you’ll want to buy, it’s a good idea to connect with a local real estate agent who specializes in luxury properties. They probably have strong connections with other luxury agents in the area, which means they are more likely to hear about new properties when they come onto the market. They will also be able to share specialized wisdom and insight with you about the process of buying a luxury home because of their experience in that section of the market. 

How do I choose a luxury home?

There are a number of factors that go into choosing the best home. Some of the top considerations include the location and size of the home. You should also consider what amenities are most important to you and if there are any preferences that you can live without. If having a home with a view is important to you, you can let your realtor know that you would prefer to see homes with impressive views but may not need other amenities. Spectacular views are common in luxury homes, but it’s not always a guarantee, so the more you communicate, the better.

What’s the market like for luxury homes in Boston?

Boston’s luxury housing market has not been immune to the downturn in the housing market across the country. Sales are down as a result of higher interest rates and heavy inflation. This doesn't mean that it’s a bad time for anyone to think about buying a luxury property. Most experts believe that the market is only facing temporary challenges and should rebound in the near future. 

Who can help me shop for a luxury home?

I am Boston, MA, real estate agent who specializes in buying and selling luxury homes along with my team at Ricardo Rodriguez & Associates. I have many connections to other luxury agents in the area and often hear about new properties before they officially come onto the market. I also understand what sets luxury homes apart from other options and will work tirelessly to give you the best possible chance of finding the luxury home of your dreams.

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