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How can you choose the best agent to help you buy or sell a home in Boston?

Choosing an experienced and trustworthy real estate agent is incredibly important if you’re thinking about buying or selling Boston, MA, real estate. Your agent will play a key role in the process by answering your questions and educating you on the necessary steps to take as you move forward. Here are some questions that you should ask as you consider who can best help you with your upcoming Boston, MA, real estate transaction.

What kind of reviews does the agent have?

One of the best ways to learn about the type of service that an agent can provide is to read reviews online from past clients. Many agents post some of their clients’ testimonials on their websites, and you can usually find reviews on third-party search engines as well. Don’t get discouraged if you find an agent you’re interested in working with and discover that they have a few negative reviews on their record. This is normal for an agent who has several years of experience in the industry. You only need to worry if you find that an agent has more negative reviews than positive ones or if all of the negative reviews mention a similar issue.

Is the agent an effective negotiator?

There comes a point in most transactions when the buyer and seller are trading offers back and forth with each other. A great real estate agent knows how to effectively negotiate in order to help their clients get the best possible deal. They understand how to use tools and tactics outside of the home’s listing price to make the deal more favorable for their client. They also know when to make concessions, and they can advise you on when it’s better to accept an offer as-is rather than ask for anything extra in return. When you’re looking for an agent to work with, ask them about their negotiation skills.

How much experience does the agent have?

Experience is important for a few reasons. Obviously, an agent with more transactions under their belt will have a better understanding of how to respond to various problems and anticipate challenges before they happen. They will understand what the most common roadblocks and pitfalls are for people who are in your position. An experienced agent is also more likely to have a strong network of area connections. They may know other agents from networking events, or they may have worked together on other deals in the past. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you'll benefit from their professional relationships. Your realtor may hear from other agents about new homes available before they officially hit the market, and they can pass the information along to you in case you want to schedule a showing. They can also spread the word about your home sale to other agents in the area in case they have clients who are shopping. 

Who’s the right agent for you?

Over my years as an award-winning Realtor leading Ricardo Rodriguez & Associates, my team and I have received countless positive reviews from past clients. I genuinely care about the people I work with and take great pride in providing a tailored experience to each person based on their unique needs and goals. I am an experienced Boston, MA, real estate agent with a wide range of area connections and a deep knowledge of the current state of the market. Reach out to me and my team when you’re looking for someone to help you buy or sell a home in the area. We would be honored to help you however we can.

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